So disheartening

The killing of the police in Dallas and the shooting and murder of another young black man.

My heart cries for these folks and for the world.

I ask over and over again what is going to be done to stop this, and just like the problem with people who should not have guns, getting guns, there are no answers.

There are big discussions and lot of lip service but nothing gets done.

Why didn’t this end long before Sandy Hook.  These were babies who were murdered.  Did we all forget the hoo of that day!!

No answers and no solutions.

Is this how humanity ends?



6 thoughts on “So disheartening

  1. I, too, fear for the future! I am still trying to pull my thoughts together. I fear it’s too late for effective gun control — the cat’s out of that bag already. But after a night of what felt like open warfare, something has to be done!


  2. My opinion. The shootings are awful. I have seen more than once that overs 500 people have been shot and killed by law enforcement officers. I think about 25% of them are Black. Our Black citizens are 2 1/2 times more likely to shot and killed that way.

    My view of things is it alwasy was this way. The weapons have ‘improved.’

    I will skip my spiritual opinions.

    I have never owned a firearm. There may be a day come when I wish I had one, but so far I haven’t. I prayed as a little boy once that I would never kill anyone. I was only about 9 years old.

    There are worse killings in other countries—-decapitations, burned alive, dipped in acid.

    I am worried about the world we live in—-small countries now possessing atomic weapons.

    Our country is violent. The computer games are violent. Movies are violent.

    Many children will not live in stable homes.

    The nation is divided on many issues.

    I am not optimistic—especially when I see the likely Presidential candidates. I thinkj the reall smart people are too smart to run for office and put their families through this media mess.

    In the meantime, I will enjoy my wife, dog, bird, ants and 3 spiders. I hope for one last trip to Hawaii who now finds it’s Islands fighting ocean trash thrown in the waters by human trash.

    I shrare your concern, Ruth. It is ugly out there.

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  3. I understand how you feel, SweetSisterFriend. I feel the same. I’ve been numb this past week emotionally. Tonight, I still feeling like I just want to hibernate.
    Sadly, I think for America…we will not be taken over by some other country…we are going to implode…do ourselves in with all the hate, ignorance, fighting, violence, taking of sides, etc. 😦
    We are all more alike than we are different…we want a safe good life for our kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, etc…so, why can’t we all find unity in these we love who will live beyond us. ???


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