Monday, August 22, 2016

Although we have had a lot of encouragement and even some offers of kittens, we have made the decision not to get another cat.

It has only been a little over the week and, as many of you know, Ali has been ill for a long time and has undergone many medical treatments for feline auto immune disease.

She was six years old when she passed.

The night before she died, she got up in bed with Tim, as she always did, and put him to bed.  She laid beside him kissing his nose and purring to him til he fell alseep.  She was his companion cat and I seriously was concerned about him having another heart attack when she passed.

We are so relieved out baby is free from her illness and no longer suffers.   We miss her deeply.

Tim asked that we do not get another kitty as he said he can not take another loss.

Yes there are many kitties who need love and love out there but I honor his request and I do not have the heart either to have another kitty.

TY all so much




6 thoughts on “Monday, August 22, 2016

  1. 😦 I was so so SO worried about TD when Ali died. They were best buddies…she was THE best friend and nurse and family member a person could ask for! I know she is greatly missed by both of you! 😦

    I want you to know I think of Ali several times each day and I miss her. I have some pics on my phone of her (that you sent over the years) and I can look at her sweet face when I need or want to.

    You will know if, and when, the time is right and you might let another kitty adopt you…but, for right now it’s okay to mourn Ali and wrap yourself in her sweet memories. She was one-of-a-kind, so unique and so special.

    Thank you for sharing her with me!



  2. Hello Ruth Sherri-Ellen (LadyMum) here…..
    I think your decision is a solid one as taking care of Ali was pretty intense. I have always had special needs cats & my last cat NYLABLUE was sick 1 1/2 years with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. That meant weekly Vet visits’ for her to get at least 2 needles (she refused to be pilled). 18 months of intense care. When she developed Diabetes I asked the Vet for a week & we had a good week (even with home visit for Insulin shot daily). The day before she was PTS, we had a party! People from the building came to visit & say “Goodbye” & we listened to SEAL & Lenny Kravitz all day (her fave singers!) It was like a Disco in here…I let her eat as much tuna-tuna as she wanted. And then that fateful Saturday we took our final journey together. My bestfriends postponed their trip for 2 days to be with us.
    It was so hard to say “Goodbye” but Nylablue was ready…..she was not quite 14 years old & I had her 8 1/2 yrs.
    I was not going to adopt for a long time (I told myself). The following week I was to work an Adoption event & so went as I’d promised Nylablue I’d continue working with local Feral Cat group…..I met ‘Tigs’ who did not answer to his name….he kept climbing the X-Pen right to me…I kept calling him Dharth. And so that weekend went….
    Nylablue left me Nov. 22nd, 2014 & Dec. 9th, 2014 Purrince Siddhartha Henry came running into my life…..he too is special needs but I was coping well. And then he got sick…
    Long story short: Irritable Bowel Syndrome so will be on Probiotics & Vet food for rest of life. Due to his sickness as a wee kit: Rhino Virus & Panleukopenia he requires eye treatment daily & L-Lysine Gel orally…..
    I almost gave him back to original owner 3 times. the last time, I actually got 1/2 his belongings packed & got physically ill. So he never went back. I adore my ‘littul duders’ & will love him for the rest of his days….but I can say it was too soon & the thought of having to go thru another “Goodbye” just shakes me to my core. So I totally ‘get’ where your hubby is coming from……
    And who knows, in time, Tim & you might find yourself swept off your feet by a little feline tippy toe’ing into your lives….They are clever that way!! 😉
    Thanks for letting me share a bit of my story…
    Sherri-Ellen aka LadyMum aka Nylabluesmum


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