Sad Day

Today I was cleaning and found Alis hiding place for her fav toys.

It has been two weeks since she passed and my heart is breaking.

I needed the cry I had when I found her fav things and I picked them up carefully and put them in a small box by her urn in the bedroom.

I am grateful she is no longer in pain and no longer suffers, but Dear God I miss her.



9 thoughts on “Sad Day

  1. When my Louie the ginger cat died, I went through the same thing. It tears your heart out to find those favorite toys, even their hair on the carpet or drapery. Bless you Ruth and many hugs of understanding…!


  2. About a week after my cat Squirt died, his ashes were delivered to me. They were in a wooden box, which I knew, but I didn’t expect that it would have his name engraved on a gold plate on the top. I burst into tears immediately. Then I put the box on the kitchen windowsill, where he liked to lie in the sun. I put his paw prints on the mantle where everyone can see him. We still have cat toys all over for the other 2 cats, but they’re not Squirt.


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