Got rear ended

We were parked at a red stop light and a woman stopped within inches of our bumper and then looked up and thought the red light was green and gunned her car and rear ended us.

Called an ambulance for the bald guy who was having chest pains and head and neck pains.

They saw him in the local hospital ER Room and sent him home and said if it gets worse come back.  Yeah right-if he gets worse we will go to the small county hospital up county and have him sent to the VA in the city.

When the other car hi bus the sound was so loud I thought the car was totaled but it had very minor damage to it.

I didn’t even turn in an insurance claim.

I called to find out if her insurance is going to pay for the bald guys medical and that is like pilling teeth.

When I called my insurance to se how to get the others drivers insurance to pay his medical they told me I needed to get the scrapes on my car fixed professionally and I about laughed my butt off when they told me the scratches devalue the value of the car.

We got t bones a year ago and had to pay ridiculous co pays to have it fixed and it really devalued the value.

We owe $15,000 left and the value is under $4500.  I told the insurance people I was not going to get the scratches fixed and if they want to come and repo the car come and get it.  If they repo it I do not have to pay a darn thing for it.

Told them I could buy a nice used car for what I pay them and cheaper insurance.  They sure changed their mind quick.

So that was my day.



9 thoughts on “Got rear ended

  1. Oh, Ruth — I’m so sorry this has happened — again!!! I hope you are able to get the medical expenses cleared up. Can you have an insurance agent look at your car — it might be necessary to file a claim in order to get the medical coverage (it’s all the same accident)! Do take care, and be careful on the roads (I know, it was the other lady’s fault, and the roads were slippery, etc — but be careful anyway!) Love and hugs!


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