thursday jan 5, 2017

so weird writing 2017, but am happy 2016 is over.

we are still turning information into the insurance company of the woman who rear ended us and waiting for word of what they intend to do.

i have a feeling this is going to take some time.

the driver of the other car lied.  she has been telling different stories about what happened.  she said she was sitting behind us at the red light and thought the light had turned green and started to go.   then she told the police the light had turned green and we hadn’t gone yet and she  started to go and ran into us.   none of this is true.  she came down off of the bridge and never even stopped and rear ended us.

then she told her insurance company and the insurance adjuster who we are working with she was worried about tim (the bald dude)  driving due his heart problems and that he was driving.

i almost laughed but stayed calm and told the adjuster that her insured is a liar.  my husband was in the passenger seat and the ambulance and police report prove that.

tomorrow and monday i will be emailing her about when they are going to fix our car and down get a rental car with no expense out of pocket.

it is taking time but we are getting there.




9 thoughts on “thursday jan 5, 2017

  1. At least all 3 stories agree that she hit you from behind, for whatever reason. In CA, that places all the blame on her — the car hitting you from behind is always at fault. I hope they will give you a rental and get moving on your car soon. I wasn’t in my car when it was hit, but it shocked me to the core — I can imagine what you must be feeling, with both of you in the car. Am keeping you in my thoughts! Love and hugs!


  2. Car accidents and insurance claims always translate into time…lots of time. Best of luck while everything gets sorted out. Sounds like you have your t’s crossed and i’s dotted properly so that’ll help. Kismet should take care of the other driver. That and the truth. 😇


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