Ok so I am not taking a break

I have a suspected ACL tear in my left knee.

I started Physical Therapy yesterday and after my intake and testing to see how things were working or not working, my PT wants me to have an MRI on my left knee.

So now I am waiting on a Drs appt which will be next week for my Dr to do a work up to prove to medicare I need the MRI.

After that is done I will have to wait for permission and then be referred to a specialist by my Dr and PT.

Then comes the exam by the specialist and then wait on MRI appt., and then when it is done, wait on the Dr to read the results,  and then wait on that Dr to send it to my Dr, and then wait on my Dr to send it to the PT.

It is a whole lot of waiting.

I remember the days when we used to be able to go to the Dr and get everything taken care of.

Now I have to make an appt for every little thing.  Drs do one thing at a time.

They have to suck every penny they can out of medicare.